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We provide you with a detailed treatment plan and estimation of pricing before beginning your treatment. This allows you to fully understand your options and all costs involved.

Specialist consultation fee:        € 80
Small low radiation digital Xray:        € 30
Panoramic (OPG) low radiation digital Xray:        € 50
Child consultation:        € 30
Consultation, Cleaning & Xray:        € 120
Complete dental exam, treatment plan:        € 50

Adult dental hygiene treatment, scaling & polishing: €80
Air-flow® Treatment: €120
Child dental hygiene treatment, scaling & polishing: €40
Ozonytron® anti-infection gums treatment: €85
Non-surgical perio treatment /quadrant from: € 100

Tooth coloured nano-composite filling, 1 surface: € 95
Tooth coloured nano-composite filling, 2 surface: € 120
Tooth coloured nano-composite filling, 3 surface: € 150
Tooth coloured nano-composite filling, 4 surface: € 190
High aesthetic dental veneer (ceramic) from: € 500
Teeth whitening home kit:  € 150
Chair-side whitening with laser or home kit: € 200

Root canal treatment – Front (excl. filling):        € 550
Root canal treatment – Premolar (excl. filling):        € 650
Root canal treatment – Molar (excl. filling):        € 750
Composite restoration/inlay/onlay:   € 250

Eligible for 20% tax relief.

Porcelain fused to metal crown:        € 650
E-max® full ceramic crown:        € 750
Zirconium-oxide CAD|CAM crown:        € 750
Implant Crown:        € 1250
Bridge pontic:        € 1500
Partial Denture:        € 450
Flexible Denture:        € 1200
Denture, Full:        € 900

Single implant fixture:  € 1200
Teeth-in-a-Day complete jaw rehabilitation: from € 7900
Bone augmentation:    from € 400

Prices for different dental implant solutions depend on many factors like a manufacturer of the implant system, clinical situation, prosthetic solution etc… Get more information about your possible solutions and personal obligation-free quote.  Book free consultation

Routine tooth extraction:  from € 100
Wisdom tooth extraction:  from € 150
Wisdom tooth extraction, surgical: from € 250
Periodontal exam € 50
Periodontal maintenance € 80
Periodontal Scaling per quadrant € 100
Sealant € 50
Frenectomy: € 150

Invisible Orthodontics aligner treatment: € 2900
Fixed metal braces: € 500
Maintenance: € 100
Remove braces: € 100
Removable retainer: € 150

Payment plan

We are happy to propose a payment plan which allows you to spread your payment over a period of time. The full price of the treatment can be paid for in monthly instalments. We will work with you to find an acceptable level of the monthly payments.

Regular special offers

Discover our actual special offers and get your obligation-free personal quote during the free consultation.


If you are currently employed and paying PRSI, you may be entitled to certain treatments, which the government will pay for on your behalf. Feel free to contact us for to check your eligibility.

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Tax relief

You can offset the full cost of the treatment like Bridges, Crowns, Orthodontics, Veneers, Root Canal Treatments, Periodontal Treatment and Surgical Extraction of a Wisdom Tooth against your income tax liability. This is done by filling in a Med 2 form, which, when treatment is completed, our dentist will sign and submit on your behalf. More info:

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