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Top quality dental chairs mean safety and comfort


Exclusive Auto-Steril system provides automatic high-level disinfection ensuring a micro-bactericide, bactericide and anti-Legionella action.

Cold plasma units: high effective, non-invasive treatments


Gum bleeding can be the first indication of a chronic periodontitis and a long or deal to the loss of teeth. Nowadays, many people are already resistant to antibiotics or have allergies making the use of conventional treatment methods impossible or causing at least a dissatisfactory treatment outcome of, for example, periodontitis. With cold plasma therapy, even severe, "aggressive" periodontitis can be treated easier and faster.

Focus on modern implant and prosthetic solutions

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Dental implantology is the fastest growing science within dentistry. Today implantology and prosthetics offer safe, effective and predictable solutions for patients with partially or completely missing teeth. Focusing in this direction we are proud to present many affordable high-tech solutions for our patients with missing teeth.

Did you know? ...

Dental implant osseo-integration success rate is more then 95%. Its strongly depends from hygiene, oral infections, bone quality and general health condition

Globally, about 30% of people aged 60+ have NO natural teeth. Periodontal disease is major cause of complete loss of natural teeth worldwide

Agressive Parodontitis - severe periodontal (gum) disease, which result in tooth loss, is found in 20+% of middle-aged (35-44 years) adults.

Worldwide, 80–90% of adults have different periodontal infections. Periodontitis is the most common disease in the world.


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